Contributor Guide


Releasing Netchecks

Netchecks is released via GitHub Actions. To make a release

  • Update version in both pyproject.toml and operator/pyproject.toml. Ensure both versions match
  • Update version in operator/charts/netchecks/Chart.yaml
  • Update appVersion in operator/charts/netchecks/Chart.yaml. Ensure this matches the version in the aforementioned pyproject.toml files.
  • Update version in operator/charts/netchecks/Chart.yaml.
  • Make PR against the main branch and merge.
  • Create a GitHub release with the tag v<semver>, where semver is the same version as set in the pyproject.toml files.
  • Note that a Helm release will automatically be created.

Note that the version needs to follow semantic versioning.

Design principles