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The project roadmap is still being defined. The following is a list of features that are likely to be considered for implementation in the near future.

Open Source

  • NetworkAssertion CRD validation and documentation.
  • Tracing support for better debugging.
  • Plugin architecture for supporting custom test types.
  • Full CI integration test suite across managed Kubernetes providers.
  • The option to run certain probes on matching Nodes via DaemonSets instead of CronJobs.
  • PolicyReporter plugin to better expose NetworkAssertion results.
  • Example of alert manager integration
  • Grafana dashboard


  • Exporting reports
  • externally executed probes from hosted service. Run tests from the internet (can I access some internal service, locked down S3 bucket etc). UI for creating and managing tests.
  • Curated network assertions for standard enterprise policies.
  • Integration with enterprise security tools (e.g. Splunk, Sumo Logic, etc)
  • Is this S3 bucket accessible with this role?
  • Run on demand - after a change/release?
  • License available on AWS Marketplace and/or Github Marketplace
  • Hardened distro for enterprise.
  • Long term support/Service level agreements.
  • commercial plugin ecosystem could also be explored.
  • Operator dashboard

Longer term

  • Using netchecks outside k8s - e.g. to test “Container as a service” and “Function as a service” systems.
  • Netchecks on the edge - e.g. to test IoT devices.
  • Netchecks on end user devices - e.g. to test mobile apps.
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